A summary of the changes to Council Tax from 1st April 2013

On the 1st April 2013, changes were made which affect Council Tax in Test Valley Borough Council's area.

The 6 month class "C" exemption from Council Tax for properties that are empty, was replaced by a 100% discount that lasts for a maximum of 3 months.

The 12 month class "A" exemption for properties that require major repair works to render them habitable was replaced by a discount, but the conditions for qualification remain the same and it still lasts for a maximum of 12 months.

The 50% discount that was given for a long term empty property no longer applies and the full charge is now due. So for example after the 3 month empty discount has ended and the property is still empty a full charge will be due.

After a property has been empty for 2 years a 50% premium will also be charged.

The 10% second home discount no longer applies. This means that properties which are furnished but no-one lives in them also have to pay the full charge. However, your bill may still be reduced by 50% if you have to maintain two homes because of your job e.g. if you are liable for another property which is provided by your employer (such as service personnel living in MOD accommodation), or you are liable for another property where you are required to live because of your contract of employment (such as a publican who has to live in licensed premises as a tenant).

The Council now offers instalments over a maximum of 12 months, previously the maximum was 10 months.

The council is no longer required to provide financial information with the Council Tax bill. This information is available on this website. This information will be available in large print format for anyone who requires it.